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From its inception, safety has been central to Holler’s design. Every Holler is supplied with a complete suite of European safety devices, including obstacle sensors, touchless sensors, including safety edges on all posts, instant stop-reverse automation and integrated flashing light.

Unless you insist on high-levels of safety, a typical gate quotation and resulting installation will have the minimum safety function. This is normally decided by the installer at the time of quotation to minimise the value of the quote to remain competitive to win the work.

Without exception, Holler gate quotations by our accredited Holler installers are inclusive of the maximum safety solutions.

Same-Day Shipping


Holler gates are designed as a modular system, which makes them an off the shelf solution for immediate delivery. This removes all chance of delays during the gate fabrication process and logistics.

Supplied on site as a complete system, Holler provides a ‘turn key’ solution including a full complement of safety accessories already built-in.

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Uninterrupted Traffic


Access remains unhindered during installation. Cantilever gates don’t contact the driveway surface, as such the majority of works take place beside the gateway.

Unlike regular sliding gates, a Holler gate has almost zero disruption to the driveway surface or the flow of vehicles. Plus it removes the need for ugly wheel tracks across the driveway.


Exact engineering designed and manufactured in Europe at the Holler HQ in Austria.

Computer driven CNC fabrication provides consistent product quality with zero variation during fabrication.

Avoids poor quality outcomes created during the gate fabrication and automation fitting processes. Gate automation in Australia is an unregulated industry, and unlike building trades, gate automation installers do not undertake any formal training. As a result imperfect installation outcomes are common and the most problematic element of any automatic gate.

These risks are eliminated with Holler Gates, as the installation technicians are trained and accredited by Downee.



Accredited installers. Holler installers are hand-picked by Downee, Australia’s leading trade supplier.

Dedicated service agents. The men who installed your gate, maintain your gate.


Installation & Support



Holler installed around the World.




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Holler Tore is a family company and global leader in the design and manufacturing of the high-tech fences and security gates that protect many companies, heads of state, and government installations, including Airbus, the Royal Air Force, Mercedes, and Siemens. Visit us here to learn more. www.b-alu.at



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